The Axe Valley Mission Community

Parish Visioning Day - 21 October 2017

A brief programme summary and opportunity to respond further

53 members attended the event and enjoyed fellowship and purposeful consideration of a number of issues relating the Axe Valley Mission Community and its churches.  

Please look over the notes which are available in all of our churches and on line.  Please review this feedback form, fill in as appropriate and return to Clive at the Rectory or online to :

Proposed timetable for future process.

Action Start Date Completion Date

Notes/ Response Forms go out Advent Sunday – 3 December 2017 Return by 31 December 2017

Evaluation of responses

 1 January 2018 14 January 2018

Draft Priority Action Plan drawn up and sent out

  31 January 2018

Action Plan Review event

 Late February 2018

Date to be Confirmed Reviewed and updated plan presented to PCCs 18 March 2018

Implementation and Review April 2018 onwards Review progress quarterly

Full Visioning Day and update of priorities every 18 months.

Planning is not always a popular process and can carry with it bureaucratic overtones.  Yet one of the things which came out of the 'Visioning Day' was a strong desire to improve communications.  We hope that you will prayerfully respond to the notes of the event on 21 October and give feedback which will help us to understand and consider your views as we seek to progress God's work in the Axe Valley Mission Community.

The questions on the response form are intended to give opportunities for wide ranging prayer and consideration.  Questions are deliberately open-ended.  Please approach them after prayerful reading and familiarisation with the notes of the day.  Please feel free to sign the sheet or return it anonymously.

Thank you very much for taking the time to reflect and respond as we seek to discern God's direction for our work.

Axe Valley Mission Community Visioning Day Response Form

Do use additional paper if required.  Where possible please complete and return online.

     1.  Do you consider that the mission statement/strapline is appropriate to our Mission Community ?

Are there any aspects of our work which it does not cover ?

How might it be improved ?


2. What do you consider are strengths of the work of the Mission Community at present ?

1. What would you like to see us improve or achieve if resources were not an issue ?


2. What do you think gets in the way of our progress ?


3. How do you feel we need to change to develop our response to God’s leading ?


4.  Please offer any additional thoughts and comments which you consider will help in developing priority areas for our future planning and work.

Growing in Prayer

Making new disciples

Serving the people of the Axe Valley with joy


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