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 Services at the Minster     November 2018

Friday 2nd   10.00am Holy Eucharist                                    (Rev’d. Ann Stuckey)

                   7.00pm All Souls Day Team Service     (Rev’d Preb. Cate Edmonds)

Sunday 4th    8.00am Holy Communion                                             (The Rector)

                    11.00am  Parish Eucharist                              (Rev’d Dr. Paul Avis)

Tuesday 6th  10.00am  Holy Eucharist                                  (Rev’d Ann Stuckey)

Friday 9th      10.00am  Holy Eucharist                                               (The Rector)

Sunday 11th 8.00am  Holy Communion                 (Rt. Rev’d Dr. Oliver Simon)

                   10.55am Service of Remembrance

                             (The Rector/Rev’d Geoffrey Walsh)

Tuesday 13th  10.00am  Holy Eucharist                                             (The Rector)

Friday 16th      10.00am   Holy Eucharist                                            (The Rector)

Sunday 18th 8.00am   Holy Communion                          (Rev’d Mary Harding)         

                    11.00am   Parish Eucharist                           (Rev’d. Mary Harding)

Tuesday 20th  10.00am  Holy Eucharist                                            (The Rector)

Friday 23rd    10.00am  Holy Eucharist                                (Rev’d Ann Stuckey)

Sunday 25th  8.00am  Holy Communion                          (Rev’d Mary Harding)

                    11.00am  Parish Eucharist                                           (The Rector)

Tuesday 27th 10.00am  Holy Eucharist                   (Rev’d Preb. Cate Edmonds)

Friday 30th      10.00am  Holy Eucharist                             (Rev’d Mary Harding)