Minster Makeover

We hope you will enjoy looking at the pages which gave an indication of the way that the beautiful Minster Church of St Mary the Virgin has developed over hundreds of years.  

As with most churches, our Minster has been adapted many times to meet the needs of its community and worship styles, the availability of new technologies and the growing population of Axminster and its surrounds.   Whilst the church has continued to adapt and a great deal of energy and resource has maintained the building, we have now reached a stage where significant modernisation and upgrading is essential.  We have called this project “The Minster Makeover”

Our church is regularly used by hundreds of people during each week ; long may that continue, and indeed we want to see the church become an even greater centre of activity.  In order to serve those who are already attending and to make our church accessible and welcoming to new users there are a number of improvements and developments which can only be regarded as essential :

We love our church, but it is not a museum ; rather it is a living centre of worship, prayer, study, music and activity.  To continue to meet the needs of the community today and into the future, these issues must be addressed.

A great deal of work has already taken place.  Relevant permissions have been obtained (no easy task given that this is a listed building) ; initial plans have been drawn up and are visible in church and on the website, and significant fundraising has begun.  We are grateful to the “Friends of the Minster”  organisation ; to those who run the summer concert series which makes such a vital contribution to the income of the church, and to all the individuals and groups which do so much to maintain the Minster’s role at the heart of the town.  To date :

some work has already been carried out – Phase 1

we are about to begin work on the lighting of the church

we are also about to begin investigations into the area outside the south-west aisle where an old boiler house was sited.

plans will be updated in the light of the investigations

a project team is being established with a brief for communication and publicity, phasing, and implementation

fundraising activities and grant applications are being progressed and enhanced

Your prayers, encouragement and support will make a real difference – please do follow our progress – and if you can contribute in any way we will welcome your involvement.

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