Minster old boiler house

As part of our plans for installing a new heating system in the ‘Minster Makeover’ our architect hoped to utilise the ‘old boiler house’ as a possible space for housing a new boiler.

We thought that the old boiler house had been under the South-West corner of the church with access by external steps.  

During the replastering of the interior of the South wall (Phase 1 of the Makeover), the floor area in the South-West corner of the Minster was dug up – to a depth of one meter – and a curved brick dome feature was seen, confirming our suspicions that the old boiler house was indeed under this part of the Minster.

On 20 July 2017, Axminster Excavators did an investigatory dig outside of the Minster at the western end of the south wall and found evidence of a retaining brick wall and two pipes in the S-W wall of the church; however on digging further out from this initial dig no further evidence of a boiler house was found.

As there is a large rainwater discharge pipe running close to the south wall in the area that was dug and on viewing an old drawing of the church which purported to show the old boiler house was, in fact, outside of the church, it was concluded that when this rainwater pipe had been installed the remains of the old boiler house had been removed to accommodate it and hence we would not be able to house a new boiler in that position.

Chris Romain, the architect of the Minster Makeover, has made a sketch, with dimensions, of the excavated area for future reference and the sketch is lodged with our present architect.

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