Axminster Team Ministry was formed in 1983 and made up of:

Hamlets in All Saints Parish and focused by Church and Hall at Smallridge.

Chardstock which includes Holy City, a little cluster of homes.

Combpyne with Rousdon (S Pancras Church no longer used), two villages between Lyme Regis and Seaton.

Axminster with its town centre Parish Church and licensed Chapel in Woodbury Lane.

In 2001 the team formally embraced Membury Parish.

The five parishes and six churches are served by

 One stipendary priest, two readers and a number of other clergy.

There is strong leadership from  the churchwardens.


Ms Sue Clark. Tel: 01297 34730

Mr.Anthoy Nixon  “Burrows Farm,” Goldsmith Lane,

                                                        All Saints,  34006

Retirement Ministry:

The Venerable W F Johnston. Tel: 01297 33259

Revd Prebendary Dr Paul Avis. Tel: 01404 881881

Rev’d Mary Harding,  Tel: 01297  32155

Canon John Holder (01297 24351)

Reverend Geoffrey Walsh   Email:

The Reverend  Clive Sedgewick

 Team  Rector  

On 28th February 2017

 Telephone No. 01297 792120