May 4 Clive Smith and his Jazz Quartet

A swinging opening to the season details received

 11 Martha Evans/Karin Hendrickson accomp.

Viola Shostakovich his last will and testament details recived

 18 Fumi Otsuki/ Alessandro Viale accomp

Amazing worlds of McMillan & Finzi details received

 25 Colyton GS Senior Choir

probably bring own detals?

Jun 1 Harriet Mountford soprano/Ben Horden accomp 

 A Lover's Journey 

 8 Peter Lea-Cox/Richard Godfrey

 Popular Music for Two Pianos

 15 Chamber Choir Music for Mixed Voices

 22 St Mary's Catholic Primary School

Young musicians

 29 Saxminster - saxophone band  

A Celebration of Saxophones

Jul 6 Gabrielle Lewis Organ Recital

 13 Axe Valley Community College  

Young Musicians Rock us with a varied programme

 20 PASAJADA Ukulele Band

Popular songs

 27 Ricky Romain/Sudhi Salooja Sitar/Violin Jugalbandhi

Aug 3 Robert Coleridge organ/piano

 Pipes & Strings

 10 Chris Gradwell clarinet/Vyvian Bronk accomp   

 Light Classics

 17 Mosaic trio - sop.clarinet/piano

Pack Clouds Away Songs of Nature & Love

 24 Iain McDonald baritone /Michèle Banting accomp  

August Serenade

 31 The Beacon Piano Trio piano/violin/cello  

The Beacon Piano trio

Sep 7 Fr John's Friends Alison Coldstream  Peter Lea-Cox Peter Parshall

 14 Chloe Stratta soprano/Robert Coleridge accomp.

 Songs of Joy and Lament 

 21 Woodbury Wind wind octet

Music for Wind Octet

 28 Colyton GS GCSE Musicians

Oct 5 Peter Parshall organ Recital

 12 Holly Chapman Colyton GS Strings

 19 Mike Denham piano  

Scott Joplin Ragtime Centenary Celebration

 26 Sidmouth Orchestra  Grand Finale

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