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The Minster Choir

We are a friendly, cheerful choir which sings at the 11.00 Parish Eucharist on Sundays as well as on special occasions. We are affiliated to the Royal School of Church Music and have taken part in RSCM events at Exeter Cathedral and at Buckfast Abbey.

The choir’s ethos is to serve the musical needs of our church community and to enjoy the work that service demands. The choir’s repertoire is wide-ranging and new members are always welcome, both from our own church community and from beyond it.

Interested? Contact me on 01297 639377 / parshallp@gmail.com

The Benefice Choir

Our grateful thanks to all members of the Benefice Choir who have given of their time and skill in leading our musical worship on several occasions during the past year, most recently at the Minster’s Carol Service. The ‘pool’ of singers is still increasing and the group is open to those of all ranges and abilities – from those who are existing (or lapsed!) choir members, occasional singers, members of our individual congregations – to those whose performances have been, until now, limited to the bathroom. There are no auditions and no one should feel that they are “not good enough”.

Having a larger group of singers enables us to experience the riches of the choral repertoire, both traditional and modern – music that we cannot perhaps manage in our own churches week by week. It is also another means by which we can meet together regularly as a Mission Community. Come and join in!